Where do I wear the hat on my head?

The angle of the hat on your head is as personal as your handwriting. If you’ve never worn a hat before & I handed you three different styles to try, you would unerringly place each hat in the same position on your head. We call this your “hat signature”.

How should my hat fit?

It should be comfortable; never headache tight. Hats always shrink over time. They do not stretch. Always start out a bit big, not small.

How do I take care of my hat when not wearing it?

The best way is to place it back in its box.

How do I handle my hat?

Pick your hat up by the brim. Put one hand on the front of the brim & the other on the back. Gently, place in position on your head. 

How long will my hat last?

Straw hats, cloth hats, leather & wool hats are meant to be replaced annually if worn on a daily basis.